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The mission of B-OMJ Clean Energy and Construction SARL is to use innovative international best practices in clean energy to provide sustainable, reliable and cost- effective green energy solutions in the best interest of the community and various functional and performing constructions.

Professional Staff

We ensure to remain professional at all times during and after the work is done.

Our Vision

The vision of B-OMJ Clean Energy and Construction SARL is to be the energy expert at a click for most African governments, companies and individuals and to be a benchmark in the execution of civil engineering works matching current standards.

Our Values:

Four pillars called "RIFE"

Total respect for all our customers resulting in prompt care without discrimination and attentive listening as well as mutual respect between members of our staff while remaining demanding on the respect of the rules and procedures established in the company

Moral integrity of all members of our staff who protect them from bribes, conflicts of interest, fraud in all its forms and other compromising practices that can seriously harm our customers and the proper functioning of the company in the smallest details of its daily operations

Reliability of the results of our studies and various works, the result of a high level of professionalism of our teams and the use of very reliable, high-performance and world- renowned tools

Team spirit in the accomplishment of our daily tasks which means that, from the Director to the Technician on site, we consider ourselves as colleges, employees who must all compete towards: the satisfaction of our customers, the respect of our commitments and the achievement of the objectives.

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2411 Mandunga Street, Lubumbashi, Haut-Katanga, DRC


+243 89 120 1936