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B-OMJ Clean Energy and Construction SARL

B-OMJ Clean Energy and Construction SARL is a Congolese company established in 2019 founded by clean energy and civil engineering professionals.

It has the advantage of being the initiative of qualified professionals, living in Africa, in the Congo, knowing the Congo, passionate, able to use their skills and their know-how to the benefit of all.

The evaluation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and their execution, offers Industrialis, Institutions, commercial, farmers and individuals facilities that will reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and maintenance expenses.

B-OMJ Clean Energy and Construction SARL is available to conduct pre-feasibility and feasibility studies in order to minimize the start-up costs of clean energy projects, comparative analysis and energy performance of existing facilities in order to allow investors, designers, managers and decision makers opportunities for improvement.

The idea of creating B-OMJ Clean Energy and Construction SARL was born from the concern to contribute to the response that our countries and regions strive to give to the energy deficit while preserving the quality of the environment and In line with the logic of COP 21 and the attention of most countries on global warming.

B-OMJ CLean Energy and Construction is a company that started off as a Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies Projects and Construction company and has since grown to include full turnkey project scope of supply.

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2411 Mandunga Street, Lubumbashi, Haut-Katanga, DRC


+243 89 120 1936